uncertain, but we’re a sure thing.

At Steadfast Life, we only do Life Insurance and that’s why we’re experts in it. Just like in the medical profession, there are doctors who specialise in a particular field of medicine. Well, when it comes to insurance, we’re the specialists in Life Insurance. That’s what we do all day, every day.

Life is about working with great people.

Meet our team of experts

Darren Conway

Chief Executive Officer

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Saul Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

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Daniel Orrell

Chief Distribution Officer

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Protect against the unexpected.


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The Value of Life Insurance Advice

Insurance advice is not easy to come by. Quality advice even more so. Additionally, the value we attribute to advice varies. You will happily pay a lawyer to keep you out of jail, or to…

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How would your family cope if you became seriously ill or injured?

The right people for your business are hard to find and expensive to replace, so it’s important to demonstrate how much you value them. Group Life Insurance is a cost-effective way to show your staff…

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The Importance of an In-House Claims Manager

A well considered Buy/Sell agreement and tailored Life Insurance plan will help protect the value you and your business partners have worked so hard to build. The unexpected illness or death of a partner can…

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