Is Steadfast Life the right fit for your client?

Find out in a few simple steps

Step 1. Let’s start with your client’s personal situation

Does your client ‘tick any of the boxes’ below?

  • They’ve got a family (or other dependents)
  • They’ve got a mortgage (or other financial commitments)
  • Their household income is $150K+

Step 2. Does your client have their own business?

Tick ‘YES’ if any of these apply:

  • They’ve run a profitable business for 3+ years
  • The business is valued at $500K+
  • They’ve given guarantees to the bank
  • They have multiple partners or shareholders to consider
  • There’s a degree of ‘key person risk’ in the business
  • They’re considering business succession planning

Step 2b. Do they have a team of 20+ people?

Tick ‘YES’ if protecting their team and retaining talent is a high priority for your client.

Step 3. Does your client value professional advice?

Tick ‘YES’ if they:

  • Understand why life insurance advice is important (e.g. to prevent them being underinsured, or paying for cover they don’t need)
  • Are willing to invest in professional advice to keep their business and life on track
  • Maintain long-term relationships with professionals like their broker, lawyer and accountant

Step 4. Is your client purely looking to ‘tick a box’ and doesn’t want advice?

Tick ‘YES’ if they ONLY want one of the following:

  • A life insurance quote for price comparison only
  • Income protection required to get onsite
  • A specific amount of life insurance cover for their SMSF
  • A limited time policy only (such as 12 months to secure a deal)

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