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Key Person Insurance & your business survival

The unexpected loss of a key person could seriously impact both short-term profits and long-term business survival. That’s why Keyperson insurance is essential protection for the value you’ve worked so hard to build.

We’ve all heard it said that a business’ most valuable assets walk out the door every night. But while every employee makes a valuable contribution to your business, the reality is that most businesses rely on just a few high performers and key decision-makers to win new business and deliver the high quality service your customers expect.

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Attract and retain top talent with Group Insurance/Employee Benefits Insurance

The right people for your business are hard to find and expensive to replace, so it’s important to demonstrate how much you value them.

Group Life Insurance is a cost-effective way to show your staff you care. By partnering with Steadfast Life, cost effective Group Insurance can now be accessed by SME businesses, much smaller than the large corporates the product is often associated with.

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Buy/Sell agreements – what you need to know

If you have a business partner, you need a Buy/Sell agreement.

A well considered Buy/Sell agreement and tailored Life Insurance plan will help protect the value you and your business partners have worked so hard to build.

The unexpected illness or death of a partner can throw your business into disarray. Not only does it mean dealing with a sudden loss of income and expertise, but it raises the difficult question of how to compensate that partner or their family for their share in the business.

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