Identify – 'Prod' – Refer

A playbook for referral partners

This is a quick guide to help you strengthen your client relationships by connecting them with Steadfast Life.

Why Refer?

How you can help them


Assess their risks holistically

How to uncover risks:

“We all believe it won’t happen to us, but lots of people die unexpectedly, get severely injured or sick every year. Ask yourself, if this happened to you:   1 – How would you or your family pay all your commitments (mortgage, school fees, living expenses, lifestyle costs)   2 – Could you support your financial dependants, and how would you feel if you couldn’t?   3 – Do you have a big enough financial buffer or would you need to start selling assets to survive?”
“Is there a single individual in your business who is absolutely essential to your success?    What would happen to your business if suddenly they couldn’t work because they were sick, injured or dead?   Would you lose revenue or IP, have all the expenses of finding a replacement, or worse, face a serious loss of business viability?”
“What happens to your business if a fellow shareholder dies unexpectedly, becomes permanently incapacitated, or seriously ill?   Could you afford to buy them out or pay their medical bills? What about loans they owe the business, or personal guarantees they’ve given – can you back them?   Worst case, if they die, would you want to be in business with their family? (this one will really get them thinking).”


Prod them to think about it

When reviewing a client’s financial situation, you’re looking for risk exposures that are going unnoticed, and that a specialist is best-qualified to handle. Few clients will be risk-free, and many will have unprotected liabilities or business risks they haven’t even thought of.

Remember: you don’t have to solve the problem. That’s our job, all you have to do is refer them to the specialist.


Introduce Steadfast Life

How to Refer:

Referring is easy, just click

We’ve got a quick and simple process, and we guarantee to contact your client within 48 hours.

Hand leaf

How Steadfast Life helps you & your client

Expert advice

With the reductions in the number of licenced financial advisers in recent years, chances are your clients aren’t getting the advice they need. By referring them to us you’re putting them in the hands of an expert who can advise them on how best to protect themselves against their financial risks.  


You’re giving them the confidence to carry on with their business ventures and careers knowing that whatever unexpected things happen, they can deal with them.  

Peace of mind

“Peace of mind” is an old saw in the insurance world, but when it comes right down to it, it’s one of the few valuable things in life you can actually buy, and life insurance is the only way to get it. Just as you provide peace of mind that your client’s physical assets are protected, we provide peace of mind that their personal finances and businesses are protected.

My peace of mind?

You have a responsibility to look after your clients, and we’ve all woken up in the middle of the night at least once thinking “What happens if I don’t mention this risk to them? Will I be held responsible if something goes wrong?” When you refer a client to us, you get peace of mind for yourself too. You can be confident that you’ve met your duty of care.  

Helping them avoid disaster

Unexpected financial trouble is both common and usually avoidable. That’s what insurance is for after all. By helping your clients understand their risks and take appropriate action, you’re doing everything you can to protect their personal lives and their businesses.

Deepen your relationship

By showing your client that you’re concerned about all the risks, they will see that you have their best interests at heart.

Building the business

Referring your clients to Steadfast advisers means that the business as whole benefits from your hard work with your clients.

Our Value Proposition

As a general insurance broker, you specialise in insuring things. At Steadfast Life, we specialise in insuring people.

We concentrate on private clients and owners of small-to-medium enterprises, because we know they’re the ones most in need of what we have to offer. We’re here to keep their lives on track when things go wrong.

Our team has more than 300 years combined life insurance industry experience across advice, service, claims and operations. We have an enormous breadth of knowledge of life insurance in all its forms.

We’ve paid over $70m in claims with a 98.6% admittance rate, and we have a net promoter score over 40.

As part of the Steadfast Group we’re a reliable team backed by the largest insurance broking network across Australasia. Our sheer scale means we can really get value for our clients, whether that’s through better underwriting decisions, policy pricing or claims outcomes.

Our Ideal Clients

Their situation:

Who they are:

Our perfect private client is someone earning over $200K per annum, who has financial dependants (e.g. kids) and financial obligations (e.g. mortgage).


They may also have complexities in their personal arrangements such as ex-partners, or run businesses exposed to key person and shareholder risks.


Importantly though, they’re interested in protecting their wealth and they understand the value of advice to help them do that.

Example: John is a lawyer with three kids at private schools, a $1.2m mortgage and no life insurance. Anna is a CEO whose medical research business revolves around a scientist called Gerald, but she has no key person cover, and has difficulty finding talent to match his abilities.

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